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Welcome To Little Edupark

our_team_2 Thank you for your interest in Little Edupark a 1 quality play house for your child. Taking responsibility for development of a 'whole child-however is a significant endeavor for any early childhood educator. Guiding children to find identity. meaning and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural workl, and to spiritual values such as compassion and peace. We incorporated a teaching practice with a mix of traditional and holistic approach that not only focus on the traditional milestone of academic development but also on the complete physical. emotional and psychological well being of a child. Little Edupark approaches to teaching and learning recognize the connectedness of mind. body and spirit. We pay attention to children's physical, personal. social, emotional and spiritual well being as well as cognitive aspects of learning. Here we see children's learning as integrated and interconnected.


our_team_2 With Montessori trained and experienced faculty the care is taken to build the strong educational foundation of kids through very simple and easy medium of teaching. To keep pace with rapid technological changes Multimedia section is created to make the kids familiar with the use of Technology and various digital gadgets like computer, laptop, phone etc. Books are selected with keeping in mind which helps kids learning with smart and easy way.